IterationProduct management entails many things.  Plan, sketch, prototype, modify, add, refine, build, remove, design, respond, react, replace, revert.  Whatever actions you take to craft your product, iteration is at the heart of everything you do.

Whichever industry you’re in, whatever problems your product proposes to solve, the straightest path to success requires you embrace the concept that change is not only inevitable, it is vital.

Iteration isn’t just your friend; it’s your lifeline.

We believe so strongly in iteration, we made it the central element of our company name.  The letter Z is there to indicate we know creating brilliant products takes many cycles.  Your first (A) or second (B) or third (C) iteration may only be the start.

You regularly:

  • listen to your customers
  • scan and analyze the market
  • pivot to take advantage of new opportunities
  • test your assumptions
  • validate your ideas
  • monitor your competition, and
  • think not only about how you can be a disruptive force in your industry, but also about how others might come along and disrupt you.

These strategies will illuminate new features, course corrections, or new products.  You’ll learn how to truly delight your customers and create beautiful software that solves real problems that people face every day.  And when you need a little help along the way, we’re here, ready to jump in and help you keep iterating.